I am sketchcrawling tomorrow, leaving my house at three to walk to Dennis Head to draw, join me if you are near.


Winter Trees

Here we are, back in the present day, stormy winter trees and rooks riding the wind.


Four of my Favorites

These are all tiny and stunning, I love them.


Harlech Castle, A Figure and Two Rivers

I am struck by how empty the landscape seems, not many roads, no houses, just occasionally a horse. In just over a hundred years so much is so very different. Although I knew that was the case it is only looking at these small sketches that it sinks in. I really think that sketchbooks have that power, to take you by the hand and transport you right there, sitting next to the artist as he or she makes their marks and records that filament of time.
This is the message, keep on keeping those sketchbooks, one day a hundred and thirty years later your great great granddaughter will be sitting quietly beside you, seeing what you see and feeling a connection across the years.



The Next Four Sketches

Please click on the pictures as you can then appreciate the mark making in all its glory. I am so excited by these sketches and seeing them is making me need to go out and draw all the more.


E.M.Wimperis. A Sketchbook

In about one month I will be a half century, or half a hundred. My parents have given me a present. Two note books that have been put together by my great grandfather containing the loose sketches of his father, my Great Great Grandfather, Edmund Morison Wimperis.
He was born in 1835 and died in 1900 and he was an artist and vice president of the Royal Institute of Artists.
So over the next few weeks I shall show this collection of beautiful sketches here.

Click on the pictures for a better view.